1784-Minute Challenge Gets the Community Pulse

Embodying this year’s theme of togetherness, hundreds of members of our Moses Brown community came together November 2 and 3 for the most successful 1784-Minute Challenge in the event’s four-year history. Friends of Moses Brown broke records in both number of gifts and amount contributed, making 543 gifts totaling $94,250. Together with $62,484 in matching gifts from our generous challengers, that makes a combined total of $156,734 raised in support of our students.

Donations rolled in from parents, alumni, past parents, faculty, staff, and friends who know all the good that happens at Moses Brown – and wanted to celebrate that, making this the most successful 1784-Minute Challenge yet! (The previous record was 506 gifts in 2019.)

“Our community was enthusiastic about taking this challenge on together,” says Brian Platt, Director of Giving and Volunteer Management. “It was fun to be able to track progress in real time as we got closer to the goal. When we passed 500 gifts, the volunteers and students making calls from the Jones Library ran around the room together in celebration!”

Parent Nnenna Oronsaye volunteered to fundraise because she’s grateful to have her children at MB. “Each morning, the first thing that goes in my gratitude journal is ‘I am grateful that my children have the opportunity to attend Moses Brown,’” she says. “They have all the resources they need to achieve their full potential in a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. The teachers are amazing and work tirelessly to help my children succeed. It is wonderful to be part of this awesome community and I want others to have the opportunity to be a part of it. That is why I wanted to do my part!” Nnenna says it wasn’t hard to campaign for MB.

With this kind of enthusiasm (and a bit of a good competitive streak!), it’s easy to see why Nnenna was able to inspire 37 gifts for MB. She was joined by a number of other fundraising volunteers (see below) and 12 upper school students who are members of our student fundraising team.

Thanks to the community members who stepped forward with Challenger gifts to inspire the participation of others, including members of the Board of Trustees and their families (Tracey and David Murphy ’91, Vincent Porcaro ’83 and Sue Salinthone, Laura and Peter Ramsden ’82, Ahvi Spindell ’72, Ariana and Christopher Steele, the Taleghani family, Stephen and Molly Thomas), Jesse Baker ’92, The Earle Family, Noel and Mark Estes ’67, Tricia and Steve Frary, Larry Goldstein ’84, Frederick Levinger ’55, Joseph Petrosinelli ’84, Jessica and Richard ’83 Wasserman, Adelle and Eddie Yoon ’98, Zhigang Lyu and Yuyan Zhang, and two anonymous donors.

“We were so pleased with how the challenge went,” says Brian, “not only to see 543 community members contribute $94,250 for students at MB, but also to see our volunteers and donors enjoying the event as well.”

The majority of donors during the event contributed to The Moses Brown Fund, MB’s annual fund. Gifts to The Moses Brown Fund support four essential priorities: the academic experience, including professional development for faculty; scholarships; athletics, the arts, and Friends education; and our historic campus.

Thank you to our volunteers:

Moses Brown Fund Committee and Class Agents:

Doug Allen

Christine Murphy Costello ‘93

Audrey Dreibelbis ‘90

Tara Flanagan

Hanna Franklin ‘20

Carolyn Garth

Maggie & Carl Gundersen

Sandy Newfield

Elena Nicolella

Carlos Ocampo

Nnenna Oronsaye

Angela Perry ‘88

Diane Silvestri

Dave Wasser

Sarah Willimann

Katherine Winslow

Hui Zou


Development Committee of the Board of Trustees

John Baldwin ‘94

John Barrett, Jr. ‘63

Joanne Debrah ‘97

Lisa Donahue

Kyle Dungan ‘04

Alex Egan ‘03

Jason Engle ‘98

Kelly Evans ‘06

Matthew Fishbein ‘02

Gary Goldberg ‘97, clerk

Geoffrey Kirkman

Amy Larkin

Rebecca Leuchak

Tom Pizzuti


Student Fundraising Team

Abi B. ’22

Mikey B. ’24

Gabi C. ’24

Faris H. ’23

Ella N. ’24

Mia N. ’23

Krisha P. ’24

Shannon R. ’22

Navya V. ’24

Lydia W. ’24

Victoria Y. ’22

Valerie Z. ’24