2018-19 Major dates/book lists/summer reading and more…

2018-19 School Year Major Dates Calendar

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Summer Reading lists:

Upper School

Middle School

Town Book Lists:

Upper School

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Link to online bookstore

(July 17th free shipping for 2 weeks with purchase over $99)

City of Providence Textbook Loan Program

1. All book orders on behalf of Providence residents must be coordinated by Moses Brown School.

2. Each student must complete the Non-Public School Textbook Loan Application for each book requested paying attention to signatures and ISBN numbers.

3. Please be sure all requested textbooks are on the approved RI Department of Education book list available at http://www.ride.ri.gov.

4. The deadline for ordering non-public textbooks was June 20, 2018.

5. Families will be notified when books are available for pick-up at Moses Brown.