25th Annual AISNE High School Students of Color Conference at MB.

This past weekend, Moses Brown School hosted the 25th Annual AISNE High School Students of Color Conference, and as befits this year of youth-led activism, MB students led the way, with many guiding compelling sessions for visitors and peers. The AISNE SoC Conference (The Art of Social Justice) was inspiring and transformative on many levels for students and faculty alike, featuring keynote speakers Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, John Jennings, and Sarah Kay. Thanks to the 17 MB students, 19 adults, and 3 parents who presented at AISNE. Hosting this event represents MB’s commitment to living the Quaker testimonies. Workshops and topics covered included BlackGirlMagic, PraisinTheAsian, Nigerian Culture, QTPOC Identities, Stereotypes, LoveYourMelanin, Solidarity, Political Cartoons, Literacy as Social Justice, Food, How Theater Gives Voice to the Unheard, Hip-Hop, Korean and Middle Eastern Art and Culture, Photography, and Reconstructing Superman; all sessions were dynamic, thoughtful, and energizing for attendees. With time for affinity groups for African, African-American, Asian, South Asian, Caribbean American, International, LatinX, LGBTQ+, Middle Eastern, Multi-Racial, and White students, attendees were also able to find common ground and discuss shared challenges. The conference spurred powerful connections and we look forward to seeing what comes out of it. Kudos to MB students Cam H. ’19 and Paloma DeC. ’18 who designed this year’s conference t-shirts! #AISNE25