5th Graders Offer Climate Solutions

Read each report below:

White Roofs” | “Education about Carbon Footprint” | “Weatherstripping Your House” | “Lightbulb Project” | “Eco Friendly Light Bulbs” | “Be a Client-Smart Consumer!” | “What is a Carbon Footprint?” | “Buy Local

Fifth graders have been studying Climate in science class, using their observational powers, deductive reasoning, and knowledge of scientific principles to study the climate crisis and offer concrete solutions, while serving as advocates for a sustainable relationship between humans and the Earth. This fall, they asked themselves, “What can we, as fifth graders, do to address the climate crisis?” At the end of the unit, students took what they have learned about the roots and mechanisms of global warming and applied them to a real-life solution of their own design, presented in poster format. After examining the evidence for and the science behind climate change, students presented their projects, examining the benefits of buying local, lowering your carbon footprint, practicing climate-smart consumption, painting roofs white, buying eco-friendly lightbulbs and installing weatherstripping. Students also connected habits and choices in their own homes, such as buying milk from a local in-town dairy, to larger impact on the environment.