A Runway to Remember

Fashion show spotlights upper school textiles students and the tenure of teacher Kristin Street

The spotlights of the Woodman Center were on the students of Kristin Street’s Upper School textile classes on Monday, May 9 as the young designers took their original looks to the runway for a fashion show modeled by none other than members of the MB community.

However, to Kristin’s surprise, the spotlight would be turned on her for a special dedication honoring her 40+ year career at MB.

Co-directed by Kristin and MB senior Isabel “Ibi” M., the annual fashion show concludes a year’s worth of students’ hard work designing, sewing, and fitting their own fashion designs. The event is an exciting display of creative talent at MB. This year’s show displayed over 60 looks from textile classes 1 through 5. Students can start taking the semester-long textile courses as early as ninth grade, and can continue to build on their skills to the next level each semester.

Ibi has been deeply involved in the textiles program since her sophomore year, and hopes to continue designing after she graduates from Moses Brown in June. With her time at MB coming to a close, the fashion show this year held even more meaning: it was not only Ibi’s last show, but Kristin’s. A beloved teacher of upper school visual arts at Moses Brown since 1980, Kristin is retiring from teaching at the end of this school year.

“It was really important to make sure this event was the best yet. I wanted the show to have an impact at Moses Brown to ensure that this program continues to live on,” Ibi said. “I want everyone to see how students from ninth graders to seniors are making these amazing pieces and loving it. They are having their friends be part of the show and it’s a fun-filled moment for the school and community. It’s something that we should continue to invest in into the future.”

This year’s runway showed an eclectic mix of all styles and trends from hot pink suits, voluminous textured ensembles, classic button downs, and both formal and casual dresses. The lineup of models included upper school students, teachers, and family members of the designers. Kristin and Ibi pulled out all the stops to make the show special this year, including upgrades like a great new playlist, a fan at the end of the runway for a wind-blown effect, and giving complete freedom to designers to be creative with their styling.



“It was really up to the designer on how they wanted their piece to look – what they wanted their model to wear, what they wanted their shoes to be, if they wanted drastic makeup. We made it clear you can really take it in any direction you want,” said Ibi.



After much coordination behind-the-scenes, Ibi played the role of both designer and model in the show, while Kristin emceed; presenting the names of the designs, creators, and models to the crowd. Unknowingly to Kristin, the fashion show would end on a touching note.



The Kristin Street Visual Arts Endowed Scholarship Fund

When the models and designers came to the stage for their final walk, each held a flower for Kristin and gave it to her as they passed her down the runway. It would come as a complete surprise to Kristin as the last slide of her presentation turned to read that the show had been dedicated to her.

Dominique Avila ’11, MB art teacher as well as an alumna (and model in the show), took to the mic to remark on her relationship with Kristin. Kristin was Dominique’s art teacher at MB, and greatly influenced her choice to become an art teacher, and eventually in coming back to MB to work together with Kristin as colleagues.

“Kristin’s impact on students during her 42-year tenure here has been unbelievable. I went to art school myself and I am just one small story among many that has come from the impact that she has had on students here.”

It was then that Dominique announced the creation of the Kristin Street Visual Arts Endowed Scholarship Fund which will honor and support a student with a demonstrated passion for the visual arts.

“This award will maintain a legacy of passion and creativity, and the beautiful and wonderful artwork Kristin inspires for students,” said Dominique.

Dominique’s remarks are echoed by Kristin’s students even today. “She has been so inspirational in and out of the art room and I see it not only with myself but with so many other students,” said Ibi. “She has not only taught me so much about the art world but also so much about the world in general and about who I am and who I want to be. I don’t think I would be anywhere near the person I am nor the artist I am today without her.”



We thank Kristin, Ibi, Dominique (pictured above), and all the designers and models for a runway we will always remember. Click the video below to watch the fashion show now!