Why choose Moses Brown?

Mission Statement

Moses Brown, a Friends School, exists to inspire the inner promise of each student and instill the utmost care for learning, people, and place

Founded in 1784, MB has been a leader in education for over 235 years. We have a proven tradition of academic excellence, a commitment to great teaching, and a dedication to fostering character and confidence in young people. Our stunning 33-acre campus—formerly the farm of 18th-century Quaker abolitionist leader Moses Brown—provides expansive academic, artistic, and athletic facilities right in the heart of Providence.

We are a Quaker school, one of the oldest and largest of a network of 80 Friends schools in the U.S. While each is independent, we all share the same essential mission: to nurture and celebrate each child’s special gifts, talents, and identities—what Quakers refer to as their Inner Light.

At MB, we offer an incredibly varied and rigorous program, including 17 musical and performance groups across the school, 50 clubs and activities, and 61 athletic teams competing in 16 different sports. Upper School students choose from among two dozen AP and honors courses. And while individual achievement is prized at MB, we also foster a close sense of community, evident in collaborative relationships between students and teachers and in our weekly meeting for worship.

At Moses Brown, 111 faculty members serve roughly 789 students ages 3-18, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1. With $7 million awarded annually in need-based financial aid, Moses Brown partners with many families to make a shared investment in bright, caring, and thoughtful children from all socioeconomic backgrounds. And with 28% of our student body being people of color, our community reflects the demographics of our area.

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MB in All Seasons

MB 4 seasons time-lapse

Watch all four seasons in this fun time-lapse video capturing our campus in winter, spring, summer, and fall!

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