Moses Brown was one of the leading abolitionists of colonial America, and in establishing the school that now bears his name, he insisted that it be open to boys and girls of all religious affiliations.  The concept around which everything revolves at Moses Brown is the Quaker belief that every person has a divine Inner Light and is equally deserving of love and respect.

In every class, in every grade, we push children to understand the powerful psychological forces that affect our friendships, our school, and our nation.  We teach them to see these dynamics at work, and to bring their best selves forward in advocating and standing up for a society that is fair and just.

These lessons are woven throughout the year, providing constant reminders that the core principle of our Quaker tradition–that everyone has an Inner Light and deserves respect–leads us to strive for a community that is fair and just, and that receives the benefits of diverse contributors.

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