Lower School

Lower school is more than a place where children go to learn; throughout the lower school, teachers are busy creating stimulating environments that nurture a passion for learning and a care for others and the world. The classroom introduces students to independent thinking, cooperation, and decision making, while also emphasizing the importance of being responsible citizens, and caring for others and the world beyond their doorstep.

The lower school celebrates individuality and play while grounded in a rigorous, evidence-based curriculum. In our co-teaching model with two teachers per class, teachers regularly collaborate within and across grades to ensure that what children learn in one grade connects to the next. Students work in flexible teams with extensive instructor time to ensure that every child’s strengths are celebrated and accelerated, and areas for improvement are quickly addressed.

At Moses Brown, core Quaker values underpin all that we do. The daily curriculum supports all aspects of a child’s development: academic, emotional, physical, and social. The tenets of being a good friend—respectful, caring, and confident—are as much a part of recess as they are a part of core academic classes.

Ultimately, the goal is for all lower school students to develop their talents in a way that is uniquely theirs, while appreciating and celebrating the different abilities of those around them.

Meet our Lower School faculty.



Osvaldo Jose “OJ” Marti

Head of Lower School

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Osvaldo Jose “OJ” Marti

Providence College – B.S.
University of Pennsylvania – M.E.

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