Lower School


Every day in Kindergarten is a new exploration. Children begin by tackling morning work that hones their organizational and fine-motor skills before coming together for circle time, when they reaffirm their class culture and values and learn from one another.

Throughout the day, children build social, emotional, and academic skills in a nurturing and comfortable community. They move their bodies as they learn about Fundations, and begin reading short books. They tackle mathematical concepts and lay the foundations of arithmetic, and explore their ability to create in art, shop, and STEM classes.

Whether they’re running outside for recess, studying the creatures in their aquarium, or watching the class hamster navigate lunchtime in his plastic ball, there’s never a dull moment.



Language Arts

Kindergarteners at Moses Brown use the highly-regarded Fundations curriculum as they progress from phonemic awareness to sight words to reading fluency.  With daily assessments, we make sure that children are always at a ‘just right’ level of challenge.  As children achieve each new goal, their confidence in their abilities and resilience grows. At the same time,...

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At Moses Brown, Kindergarten focuses on teaching mathematical thinking–the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that students need to tackle a problem at any level.  Whether learning to count by two’s or solve a differential equation, the same approach applies.  We want kids to internalize this approach so they always have the confidence to keep trying...

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History/Social Studies

Social studies in Kindergarten begins with the society we create collaboratively in the classroom.  The first weeks of the year are spent getting to know one another and building respect for ourselves, one another, and the teachers at school.  Very quickly, children feel that this is their classroom, a safe place to learn and grow...

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Five and six year olds love asking questions and are just beginning to understand how and why something happens. This makes them innately qualified as scientists and we give them as many opportunities as possible to learn by doing, touching, and exploring. Among many other activities, the Kindergarteners become expert Roly-poly-ologists, as they observe, draw,...

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Today’s Kindergartners are in an era of unprecedented technological growth.  To prepare them to be active, rather than passive, citizens of their digital environments, we get them started early with an understanding of how computer code functions, and the confidence to try it themselves. With weekly classes with Moses Brown’s lower school STEM specialist, Kindergarten...

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World Languages

As we study different cultures and traditions throughout the year, we introduce vocabulary from other languages.  Students are invited to teach their classmates about their heritage, culture, and any special words they may use with their extended family.  In this way we learn from one another, celebrating our classmates as leaders, teachers, and collaborators in...

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Kindergarten children at Moses Brown have weekly class time devoted to art, music, and wood shop. In wood shop, kindergarteners learn how to safely control basic hand tools, and develop confidence that they are big enough to handle it.  They learn about wood as a building material, and basic construction principles, and quickly move on...

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Tools for early readers

Teacher develops book series to help early readers

Kindergarten teacher Melinda Van Lare has developed a series of books to aid early readers. She uses the books as part of fun, interactive reading exercises. Melinda recently presented her project at a conference held at Wheaton College.


Melinda Van Lare

Lower School Kindergarten


Melinda Van Lare

New York University – B.A.
Rhode Island College – B.A.
Rhode Island College – M.Ed.

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