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Don’t be fooled by that toddler smooshing clay into the cheese grater–she’s a scientist conducting an experiment.  At Moses Brown, we’re keenly aware that children are honed by millennia of evolution to spend every waking minute learning.

Each day, our littlest learners gather to reaffirm our class culture, talk about plans for the day, and share what’s on our minds.  In starting the day this way, children discover that they have a lot to learn from each other, and that first and foremost, we are friends enjoying a day together.  This is both reassuring and exciting for Nursery students, and helps them begin each day feeling connected and curious.



Language Arts

The nursery classroom is a print-rich environment, with signs and labels that help students associate sounds, symbols, and pictures with both concepts and concrete objects. Children develop confidence in their own authorship, while practicing form and syntax, by narrating and dictating stories.  Beginning with letter recognition, we introduce them to word construction by first learning...

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Patterning, predicting, and playing with numbers on our 10-frames–math is part of the way kids play and explore every day in Nursery.  Whether discussing the number and pattern of the seasons or days of the week, celebrating birthdays, counting the spots on a ladybug, or simply learning to sort and categorize objects, mathematical thinking is...

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History/Social Studies

Questions of society and culture are woven through many of the lessons in Nursery, whether discussing the diversity of our physical traits or the different roles people play in society.  To help children understand how our current society evolved, we begin with a basic understanding of time: today or long ago?  Now or then?  Comparing...

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In Nursery science, we use hands-on experiences to give our youngest learners the chance to experience wonders of the natural and physical world. Children at this age are full of joyous curiosity about everything from dinosaurs to raindrops. We take advantage of this sponge-like thirst for learning by exploring developmentally appropriate topics such as hands...

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STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) studies are a natural fit for Nursery students.  Their innate curiosity about the world around them drives them to try, tinker, and experiment in ways that–properly nurtured–thrive into adulthood, turning students into inventors and entrepreneurs. Of course, there is plenty of time to play with blocks in our multi-level...

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World Languages

In Nursery, every child gets their very own passport.  As different members of the Moses Brown community stop by to teach them to count to five in a different language, they add flags to their passports, keeping track of the ‘places’ they’ve been. Throughout the year, they learn vocabulary from other languages via carefully curated...

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In visual arts, Nursery students explore a range of materials, learning what they look, smell, and feel like, and how they behave.  Whether drawing and painting with markers, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, or wax crayons, or smooshing their little fingers into play dough and clay, this is a year of experimentation.  In addition to gaining...

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Andrea Dewhirst

Lower School Nursery


Andrea Dewhirst

Tufts University – B.A.
Emerson College – M.S.
Cambridge College – M.Ed.

Ladybug unit!

On parade around campus!

Nursery’s Ladybug Parade is a beloved annual parade throughout campus of students dressed as ladybugs. It’s adorable, but also marks the completion of a multi-disciplinary learning unit on ladybugs.

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