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An Independent, Coed, Friends School, Nursery Through Grade 12

Middle School

Middle School is a time of transition and tremendous growth for children. These years, while potentially unsettling, may be the most rewarding years ever for Moses Brown students.

At Moses Brown, students discover themselves, explore their identities and learning styles, develop friendships, and are encouraged to find personal passions. 

The school year begins with an immersive four-day, three-night trip that brings students and teachers together, forming and nurturing lasting bonds of friendship and respect. From there, they dive into academic challenges and new levels of freedom and responsibility. Throughout the year, students come to understand and advocate for themselves in an environment that is both supportive and challenging.

Whether they're tackling economics, slam poetry, racial justice, or runoff ecology, every lesson draws on multiple skills and strengths, ensuring all children get the right blend of challenge and support to make the most of their unique gifts.

And with a collaborative and dynamic corps of seasoned, innovative educators, students reap tremendous benefits from multiple integrated learning units that cross academic disciplines, allowing both a breadth and depth of learning.

Students enjoy new social opportunities, expanded after-school offerings, competitive and recreational athletics, inclusive arts ensembles, and high-quality performing arts offerings. They learn to take responsibility for themselves, while still having the strong support of a group of teachers who know them well. 


A Typical Day

Every middle schooler's day begins with advisory, in which students nurture positive relationships with peers and a trusted adult. Classes are frequently woven together in a blend of literature, mathematics, science and social studies. They probe the technical and societal opportunities and challenges posed by the internet and learn how to be safe, responsible citizens online. Students are challenged to think critically, work collaboratively, find their voice in the classroom, and listen thoughtfully to their peers' ideas and opinions.

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Life in Middle School