Middle School

7th Grade

“I wish I could do that.”  That’s what many parents say about seventh grade at Moses Brown.  Beginning with a four-day trip to the woods with classmates and teachers, students quickly develop lasting friendships with peers and adults that sustain them throughout the year.

Their classes are frequently bound together in interdisciplinary bundles that blend literature, mathematics, science, and social studies in nuanced and multi-faceted explorations of complex issues.  Whether reading To Kill A Mockingbird while learning about economics and the Great Depression (and running their own speakeasy) or exploring the tundra of Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7 while studying ecological and political issues (complete with a visit from a real live rancher), they are getting a taste of immersive scholarship that may be more reminiscent of graduate school than it is of middle school.

Of course, they’re just beginning their teen years, so their social and emotional development is of paramount importance.  In daily advisory, they learn from (and lean on) trusted grownups and peers to build a lasting sense of community, and a sense of belonging that helps them grow through the social challenges of early adolescence.  That (and a fresh pack of gum) is generally enough to get them through a Friday night dance.




Seventh graders at Moses Brown read a variety of poetry, short stories, and novels to deeply consider their collective past and present and the role they play as engaged citizens.  Students bring their passion for fairness and justice to conversations about prejudice and discrimination which they explore through fiction, non-fiction, and contemporary news articles. With...

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Question:  In grade x at Moses Brown, students bridge the divide between the concrete patterns of arithmetic and the abstract representations in Algebra.  Solve for x. To accomplish this task, they use a series of carefully constructed projects that introduce and reinforce critical skills, and which frequently connect with content in other courses for multimodal,...

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Seventh grade historians at Moses Brown trace the course of American history from the arrival of Europeans through the Civil War. Drawing extensively on primary sources, videos, a digital textbook, and database sources, students put their best research, writing, critical thinking, and civil debate skills to the test to wrestle with complex questions in our...

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At Moses Brown, we challenge seventh grade scientists with big questions, then give them the tools and information to tackle them. In the fall, students wonder, “How could we stave off the common cold this school year?” Some of the answer lies in a hand-washing experiment, in which students use the scientific method to test...

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In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, today’s seventh graders need to learn how to create digital environments, not just use them.  Coding introduces kids to the process of computational thinking, in which students break a problem down and express a solution in steps that a computer can understand.  After all, in the 21st century...

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World Languages

Seventh graders at Moses Brown can choose to study Spanish, French, or Latin.  In addition to developing their pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary, they dive into the cultures that speak their chosen language, and use language as a way of understanding and celebrating cultural differences. Latin students delve more deeply into the study of Latin...

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Seventh graders at Moses Brown have an extensive menu of fine and performing arts opportunities available to them. Whether they’ve been playing for one year or five, seventh graders can join the middle school string orchestra, having fun and honing their abilities to blend, follow a conductor, sight-read, and perform with confidence.  Our repertoire is...

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