The North Stars

The guiding principles of an MB education

Ethical Leadership
Moral questions often aren’t as clear as we’d like. Life comes in shades of gray. Moses Brown teaches kids to use Quaker values as a guide when things get murky. Put simply, Quakers believe that every person has a divine Inner Light, and that no one has a unique claim on the Truth. As such, everyone deserves love and respect, and bears responsibility for their own integrity and making the kind of community we all want to live in. We demonstrate this shared responsibility and inherent equality, among other ways, through the Quaker custom of having adults and students address one another by their first names.

Expert Thinking
Expert Thinking is knowing how to approach a problem you’ve never seen before, using whatever knowledge you possess. Every day at Moses Brown, juniors have new opportunities to apply what they know to new problems. As emerging leaders in the school community, they routinely model study and social habits for younger students. No matter what they encounter, we want them to feel confident improvising, experimenting, and collaborating with others to tackle something new.

Global Awareness
Global awareness is having a sense of what’s out there, knowing what can’t be put in a textbook, essay, or white paper. It places humanity and justice in the center of self-discovery and learning. Students and faculty fold global awareness into daily learning and life at Moses Brown.

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