At Moses Brown, we believe in bringing the world to our classrooms and our classrooms to the world. MB TRIPs – Travel, Research & Immersion Programs – makes journeying and discovery a pervasive learning paradigm throughout the school.


Planned 2023 TRIPs

Lower School
AMC hike in the White Mountains: NH – Summer 2023

Middle School
Yellowstone National Park – Summer 2023
New York City Theatre – Summer 2023

Upper School
MASS MoCA – Spring 2023
Dominican Republic Medical Service – Spring 2023
Australia/New Zealand Women’s World Cup Soccer – Summer 2023
Ecuador: Caemba Service Build w/ Fundación Raíz – Summer 2023
Galapagos Islands – Summer 2023
Italy – Summer 2023
Kenya – Summer 2023
Spain – Summer 2023

TRIPs Financial Aid

MB’s long-term goal – and one of the key fundraising priorities of MB Believes: A Campaign for Learning, People, and Place – was to make travel accessible to all students, regardless of their financial circumstances. As we grew the school’s endowment, we created the following policy for allocating Financial Aid for TRIPs:

*The priority is to meet the demonstrated need of students receiving regular Financial Aid for enrollment. MB’s goal — subject to availability of resources — is to match a family’s current Aid award in terms of percentage of total cost. For example, if a family pays 40% of tuition for enrollment, they may be asked to pay 40% of a trip’s cost. MB understands that each family’s circumstances are different, and thus each request will be handled on a case- by-case basis. Within this group, priority will go to students who have not already been on a trip. Aid awards will be determined by mid-December.

*MB encourages families who do not currently receive tuition Financial Aid to apply for TRIPs support, as the school understands the financial pressures that all families face in providing an MB education for their children. Each family is asked to complete a TRIPs Financial Aid Form providing us with basic financial information and return it to MB’s Director of Admissions, Hugh Madden. Awards will be prioritized based on demonstrated financial need and are subject to availability of funds. All information is kept strictly confidential (only the Director of Admission and Financial Aid will have access to financial information provided).

Pre-COVD 19 in 2019, MB was able to meet the requested need for 70% of students who applied for TRIPs financial aid (33 of 47 students total who applied). Please encourage parents/guardians to reach out to Hugh Madden (Director of Admissions), Gara Field (Director of Global Education & Social Innovation), Kate Turner (US TRIPs tri-clerk), Yulie Lee (MS TRIPs tri-clerk), or Rob Pike (LS TRIPs tri-clerk) to TBD.

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