At Moses Brown, we believe in bringing the world to our classrooms and our classrooms to the world. MB TRIPs – Travel, Research & Immersion Programs – makes journeying and discovery a pervasive learning paradigm throughout the school. As we all know, the COVID-19 global pandemic has up-ended global and domestic travel. We ask for patience as we continue to monitor the domestic and global health situation and make decisions regarding MB TRIPs. As always, student safety is our top priority and we will continue consulting with medical and scientific experts before making any decisions about 2021 travel.

More about the history of MB TRIPs:
This program is designed to pique student interest in all three divisions. Lower School students build self-reliance skills by roughing it in the White Mountains, while Middle School students have applied lessons from their science classrooms to hands-on fieldwork in Yellowstone National Park. Upper School students serve and learn through engaged scholarship in the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Kenya, and in Providence. Other trips, such as a tours of Spain and Italy, as well as the War Memorial Tour of Washington D.C., enhance academic courses and help build a shared passion for learning and global citizenship. Check out our MB TRIPs 2021 in the information below.

It is our hope that in the coming months we will have a better sense of the potential for spring and summer travel, the advent or likelihood of a successful vaccine, and the positivity rates of COVID-19 both domestically and internationally, which will determine our ability to run MB TRIPs in 2021.

Planned TRIPs for 2021

2021 MB TRIPs

Lower School & Middle School TRIPs

White Mountains – 3rd & 4th (Jeremy Saksik)
Washington DC – 5th & 6th graders (Co-leaders: Jeff d’Entremont & OJ Marti)

White Mountains 2021
Trip Leader: Jeremy Saksik 
Size/Grade: 12 students, rising 4th and 5th graders by summer 2021
Dates: June 2021 (Typically the week after school gets out)
Description: Experiencing the simple wonders of the White Mountains can be magical. Our group joins Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) educators for one night at the Highland Center, an AMC roadside lodge, and two nights at an AMC maintained backcountry hut. Carrying all of their own gear throughout the trip helps students build resilience and self-reliance skills. Field experiences include games and challenges to test the group’s communication and problem-solving skills, map reading activities, and discussions about wilderness ethics. Moses Brown teachers collaborate with AMC staff, who have years of backpacking experience, wilderness first aid certificates, and a shared desire to use the outdoors as a rich teaching tool, to create this highly memorable experience.

Washington DC 2021
Trip Co-leaders: Jeff d’Entremont and OJ Martí
Size/Grade: TBC
Trip is available for all current 5th grade and 6th grade students
Dates: June 14-17, 2021
Description: This capstone trip connects to the 5th grade social studies curriculum focused on human rights, the Civil Rights movement and non-violence, as well as provides a fun, culminating experience for our lower school students. We will visit Friends Council on National Legislation; the National Museum of African American History and Culture; Fredrick Douglas House; Lincoln Cottage; MLK Memorial; Washington Monument; the Lincoln Memorial; as well as meeting with a RI Congressperson or Representative. We also will spend a fun afternoon at 6 Flags! We partner with an educational travel company and are led by a professional guide and Washington DC expert.

Upper School TRIPs
Dominican Republic Medical Service (Kate Turner& Dominique Avila)
Italy (Chandra Harris & Adolphe Coulibaly)
Galapagos Islands (Eric Aaronian & Kate Turner)
Global Student Leadership Summit- Germany & Switzerland (Gara Field & Josh Cabrera)

Dominican Republic Medical Service trip
Trip Co-leaders: Kate Turner and Dominique Avila
Size/Grade: 10 students (open to all US students) with two student leaders who have participated before
Dates: March 2021: first week of spring break 
Description: Students travel out of their comfort zone and offer much needed help providing medical service (guided by a US Emergency Room doctor) and medication to residents of the bateys (small towns for sugar cane workers and their families). Dr. Molly Bliss ’86 helped bring the trip to MB and is an integral part of the preparation and experience in the DR. Students work with a group of Haitian and Dominican doctors, volunteers, translators, and other individuals related to the local hospital (Good Samaritan Hospital) to provide medical support and supplies. Many residents do not receive any medical support throughout the rest of the year and the service we provide is empowering and humbling for students. This is a unique opportunity for students interested in international service, medicine, or Hispanic/Haitian culture.

Food and Culinary History in Emilia-Romagna, Italy- Summer 2020

Trip Leader: Chandra Harris/Chaperone: Adolphe Coulibaly
Size/Grade: 25 students max., Grades 9-12
Dates: June or July 2021
Description: Join us for a tour of the history and cuisine of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, famous for tortellini, ravioli, and lasagna. We will be based in the regional capital of Bologna, one of the richest and oldest cities in Italy and center of one of the oldest universities in Europe. From here, we will take day trips to the cities of Parma, known for its cheese and ham, Modena, famous for balsamic vinegar, and Faenza, one of Italy’s top producers of ceramics. Students will see how Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and prosciutto ham of Parma are produced, as well as taste balsamic vinegar in Modena. They will also learn about the Slow Food movement, visit the International School of Italian Cuisine, and participate in the Festa Artusiana, a festival which celebrates Italy’s first cookbook.

Galapagos Islands
Trip Leader: Eric Aaronian/Chaperone: Kate Turner
Size/Grade: 14 max, 9-12.
Dates: July 2021
Description: During the trip to the Galapagos Islands students will visit the sites that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and see wildlife found nowhere else on the planet. Each day our private naturalist will take us to a different island and explore the wildlife and natural history of the archipelago. We will explore the islands on foot and by snorkeling in the water (travelers should be comfortable in and around water). Travel around the islands will take place on the M/Y TipTop II or a similar vessel. We will also spend time on the mainland where students will learn about the indigenous culture of Ecuador. This trip should generate interest of any student with an interest in biology, zoology, marine biology and/or those wishing to learn about conservation.

Global Student Leadership Summit: Germany & Switzerland
Trip Leader: Gara Field/Chaperone: Josh Cabrera
Size/Grade: 18 students max., grades 9 – 12 

Dates; July 2021
Third party agency affiliation: EF Educational Tours
Description: The focus of the 2021 Global Student Leadership Summit is on creating a sustainable future. Our world is constantly changing, along with our priorities, our plans, and our future. When it comes to building a sustainable future, what we do today matters. We will explore the explore Europe and dig into design thinking at a 3-day weekend long Summit where power and purpose will comes together to develop solutions for long-term change for our environment and ecosystem. Students will hear from world-renowned keynote speakers, work with local and global experts, and collaborate with peers in collaborative international teams in a small group setting. There is no better way to see and experience Berlin, Germany and parts of Switzerland, including the Lucerne region.

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