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High school is when children begin to discover who they really are.

They form friendships that end up in the back pages of Cupola, Moses Brown’s alumni magazine, smiling in one another’s wedding parties. They encounter the excitement of electives, where the joy of a favorite subject makes school feel more like a form of intense intellectual play than work. They find out they really love lacrosse, or acting, or stoichiometry, or Latin declensions, or Led Zeppelin. And that love can last a lifetime.

And while students everywhere go through these journeys, at Moses Brown they walk through adolescence with a team of top-notch educators who know them well, teachers who meet regularly to share knowledge about every student, so no one falls through the cracks. Teachers who welcome the partnership with parents help all students make the most of their school experience.
At Moses Brown, it’s not just about what students get—it’s about learning how much they have to give. Rooted in Quaker values, students are regularly challenged with an essential question: “You live in the most well-resourced country in the world. Your rights are enshrined in a constitution. You’ve been given a marvelous education. Other people can’t say the same. Now, what are you going to do with that?”

As students enjoy their classes, clubs, and after-school activities, they’re also reminded that this brings a responsibility to go out and make a positive difference in the world. And as the accomplishments detailed in Cupola attest, they take that responsibility seriously.

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