Upper School

12th Grade

Moses Brown seniors are emerging scholars discovering that not only do they have something to learn each day, they have something to add.

Whether studying classic literature or delving into deeply personal research and writing, they bring their best critical thinking, analytical, and creative skills to class discussions and the empty page.

In a rich array of mathematics, science, and technology classes, they can push themselves to analyze, understand, and invent.  And they can try their ideas out in the Y-lab, our 5,000-square-foot maker space.

Of course, they can also find and nurture their talents on stage and screen with art and media electives, and hone their athletic abilities on our many championship teams.

A professionally-staffed college counseling office guides them through the challenges of applying to (and deciding between) colleges, and students can extend their learning far afield with exciting trips to places like China, Florence, Mount Rainier, and the Dominican Republic.


At the end of the year, every Moses Brown senior undertakes an independent project to use their intellectual, artistic, and leadership abilities in an exploration of a topic about which they are deeply passionate.  Graduation is filled with both rejoicing and tears, as students celebrate their tremendous achievements and friendships that will last a lifetime.



At Moses Brown, seniors are becoming literary scholars, creative writers, and thoughtful critics of text.  Those who have demonstrated a committed and earnest approach to the study of English are invited to take AP English, a full-year course that involves frequent writing exercises and intensive reading in poetry, fiction, drama, and non-fiction prose.  They study...

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Twelfth grade students at Moses Brown generally enroll in Calculus, AP Calculus or electives like AP Statistics, Introduction to Statistics, Discrete Math, Macroeconomics, and The Economics of Social Innovation. Students in all courses use technology in the Y-Lab and software applications like MiniTab, Desmos, and Pycharm. Some twelfth grade students enroll in Algebra III, Precalculus,...

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In twelfth grade, Moses Brown students are encouraged to pursue advanced studies through our broad range of electives, honing their strengths in critical analysis, historical thinking, thoughtful discussion, and clear, effective writing. Ethics asks students to delve into the philosophical questions of what kind of world we should live in.  Through close reading of thinkers...

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At Moses Brown, seniors have a firm grasp of scientific fundamentals, and many are beginning to distinguish themselves as creative and independent thinkers. Whether choosing an AP course and/or one of our many science electives, students can complete a firm foundation in the natural sciences or use coursework at MB as a springboard to deeper...

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Moses Brown seniors are accomplished inventors, explorers, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs.  Seniors can explore their interests in AP courses in calculus, science, statistics, and computer science. In recent years, students have created robotic arms under the tutelage of prototype designers from Hasbro, presented their scholarship at national physicians’ conferences, and published original research in journals. They...

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World Languages

Seniors at Moses Brown have achieved, or are gaining, fluency in another language, writing clearly, speaking and listening easily, even thinking (and sometimes dreaming) in that language.  Twelfth grade aims to help them solidify their command of the language, and for those who wish, begin down the path of college-level study.  Mastery of a foreign...

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Seniors at Moses Brown have an extensive menu of fine and performing arts opportunities available to them.  On page, stage, and canvas, they are regularly challenged to discern what they think and feel, and to hone their technical ability to realize that inner vision.  Arts classes frequently overlap with other subjects, giving students multiple ways of...

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