Upper School

9th Grade

High school is a great leap forward in every student’s life.

At Moses Brown, students begin the year with a three-day adventure at the Friends Camp in South China, Maine where they develop lasting relationships with teachers and classmates, and a sense of authorship about what they hope to gain and accomplish in the years ahead.

Throughout the year, they’ll read challenging texts and respond to them with thoughtful analysis, stretch their mathematical aptitude, examine scientific questions with discipline and rigor, and confront complex questions in history.

They can hone their chops in musical ensembles, sing and act their hearts out on stage, and leave every drop of sweat they can muster on the playing field.  Whether developing existing talents or finding new ones, students discover that in so many ways, ninth grade at Moses Brown is just the beginning.


Daily Life

All Freshmen at Moses Brown begin the school year with a three-day adventure at the Friends Camp in South China, Maine.  Students will discover and clarify their personal goals, and begin to develop a shared sense of community.  Under the leadership of the Director of Global Education and the Director of Student Life, they will focus on social entrepreneurship, a theme that will follow them through their upper school experience.



At Moses Brown, all ninth graders take a year-long course in English that aims to establish a foundation of critical thinking, reading, and writing through a shared literary and rhetorical experience. Students read, analyze, and discuss classic texts like Macbeth, Antigone, and collections of poems, essays, and short stories.  They regularly memorize and perform Shakespeare...

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Ninth graders at Moses Brown typically study geometry or algebra.  At every grade in upper school, students with a passion and aptitude for mathematics can move beyond grade-level material with extra electives or summer courses (at Moses Brown or online). At every upper school grade level, students are invited to participate in mathematics outside of...

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At Moses Brown, ninth grade history begins with armor clanking in the Middle Ages and ends with the sound of German boots marching into Poland.  The countries of western Europe were the crossroads of global economic development and exploration.  From the Silk Road to North America, a significant increase in global activity connected peoples across...

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At Moses Brown, the Science department strives to nurture a spirit of inquiry in every ninth grader. Laboratory experiments, field observations, and group work guide students as they study the natural and physical sciences and consider the implications of science in modern life. In every discipline, students apply the scientific method and their best critical...

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In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, students need to be able to create digital environments, not just use them.  Coding stresses computational thinking, in which students break a problem down and express a solution in steps that a computer can understand.  After all, in the 21st century the ability to code will be as critical...

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World Languages

Ninth graders at Moses Brown all study a foreign language and have a wide range of options.  They can pursue advanced studies in a language with which they are familiar, or learn the basics of a language they’ve never tried before.  Mastery of a foreign language is critical to understanding one’s native culture and worldview,...

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Ninth graders at Moses Brown have an extensive menu of fine and performing arts opportunities available to them.  On page, stage, and canvas, they are regularly challenged to discern what they think and feel, and to hone their technical ability to realize that inner vision.  Arts classes frequently overlap with other subjects, giving students multiple ways...

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