Tuition & Financial Aid

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2023-2024 Tuition

Half-day Nursery and Pre-Primary:  $21,190
Grades K–4:  $40,405
Grade 5:  $43,530
Grades 6–8:  $44,995
Grades 9–12:   $46,030

* We offer flexible afternoon options for Nursery and Pre-primary.
**We offer Extended Day coverage from 3:00-5:30 for Nursery through 4th grade at an added cost.

Financial Aid

With almost $7 million awarded this year in need-based financial aid, 41% of Moses Brown students are able to benefit from the school’s scholarship program. This support is rooted in our Quaker values and our belief that a community works best when it includes a diversity of talents and attributes, including socio-economic, gender, cultural, and racial diversity.

No candidate should be deterred from applying based on finances. The financial aid program is designed to establish the strongest student body for the academic program we offer and to enhance the educational experience of all our students.

A student’s financial need is defined as the difference between Moses Brown’s tuition and an estimate of what the student’s family can reasonably contribute for education. Regardless of the student’s talent and attributes, a candidate cannot receive a scholarship unless they qualify based on family income.  To determine the most equitable estimate of family contribution, Moses Brown–like many peer schools–uses the services of the School and Student Service (SSS), which computes an estimated family contribution using a family’s gross income, assets, and liabilities, as well as taxes, educational expenses of other children, unusual debts, and medical expenses. The results of this computation is then used by Moses Brown School’s Financial Aid Committee as a guide for determining the amount of the award.

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