Alumna Perspective: Mia Rotondi Puddington ’09, MBAA

Mia Rotondi Puddington ’09 has been a member of the Moses Brown Alumni Association board since 2018 and is the Local Committee Clerk. Mia attended Connecticut College after MB, then worked in marketing in Boston before deciding to pursue her passion for teaching. She completed her master’s degree at Brown and recently taught English at Lincoln School. Mia has volunteered for a number of MBAA events and initiatives since her graduation and is one of several alumni representing the ’00s decade on the Alumni Association Board.

“Even as an English teacher, it’s difficult for me to find the right words to describe my MB experience, and how that has shaped my involvement as an alumna, because so much of it comes down to a feeling—what it felt like to be a student there. I suppose you could call it a sense of belonging or community, though even those terms don’t fully capture what I believe makes Moses Brown unique, or why my four years in the Upper School continue to have such an impact on me. It was the buzz of a classroom before the lesson started; it was respecting the (un)official, designated parking on Olney; it was the first day of field hockey preseason; it was Quaker Meeting on Thursdays; it was Dwares during a free period. The relationships formed at MB are what have stuck with me, and while some of these include dear friends (one turned husband!), it’s not just the people that are still part of my daily life to whom I feel connected.

“And perhaps that’s what led me to want to become involved with the MBAA, and why I enjoy it so much. As the Local Chair on the Executive Committee, I’m able to connect with alumni, faculty, and other members of the MB community in the area—both those I knew during my time at MB and those who came before and after me—and build and maintain the sort of relationships that made my MB experience so special. Through the MBAA’s events, alumni can reflect, reminisce, and reconnect while also engaging with the school in ways that allow us all to be a part of its present and future.”