Alumni Leaders, Past and Present, Join Together

Dave Murphy ’91 P’27 is the new clerk of the Moses Brown Alumni Association. Dave is grateful for his Moses Brown experience and credits faculty/coaches like the late Paul Donovan as significant influences in his life. He has given back to Moses Brown in many capacities and is a longtime member of the Alumni Association Board. With his new role as clerk of the Alumni Association, Dave launched a new tradition, bringing past clerks of the MBAA together to share wisdom and share appreciation for Moses Brown:

“I started my role as MBAA Clerk this year and despite 15 years of volunteering at MB, serving on several committees and even serving as Clerk on some of those committees, I was feeling the weight of the responsibility that comes with being Clerk of the MBAA.  The MBAA represents over 6,000 Moses Brown alumni and is not only responsible for representing the MBAA Board, but all alumni and engaging and collaborating with the schoolhouse.  Additionally, a successful Clerk must be able to both partner and collaborate with the schoolhouse while simultaneously representing the alumni perspective and alumni interests.  As MBAA Clerk, I am mindful of the long legacy of support and traditions through which the previous clerks have had a complementary, but independent and strategic influence on the future of our alma mater.

“On top of it all, serving as MBAA Clerk also places one on the Board of Trustees and in the important role of stewardship and governance of Moses Brown School. Consequently, as I pondered both strategy and direction relative to my new role and responsibility, I recalled conversations with previous MBAA Clerks about starting a tradition of an annual MBAA Past Clerks Dinner.  So I thought, rather than trying to carve my own path from scratch, maybe I should be the one to start the tradition and gain access to all the previous and most successful leaders of the MBAA and school. As anyone who is familiar with MB would expect, all the past clerks rallied around the idea and volunteered their time to support our alumni, Moses Brown and me. This love for Moses Brown and the vibrant MB community is exactly why people volunteer, engage and support the school. Each Clerk, in his and her own style, has focused on building relationships with alumni to inspire continued engagement, which is critical to the long-term health and success of Moses Brown.

“First and foremost, I was humbled that the past clerks came out to support, share and mentor me with their experience, wisdom and insight. Second, it is an empowering feeling to have so many people who have served in the same capacity to passionately support the MBAA, the alumni and me. Lastly, it was reassuring to see so many who have donated so much of their time and resources over multiple decades to jump right back and propel the MBAA, alumni and school forward.

“A sincere thank you on behalf of all the alumni to all the past clerks for their continued stewardship!

“I look forward to seeing you at the 2nd Annual Clerk’s Dinner.”

Shown: new MB Alumni Association Clerk Dave Murphy ’91 organized the 1st Annual MBAA Clerks Dinner to gain access to past clerks’ networks, experiences, advice and mentorship. Several past MBAA clerks — Neil Beranbaum ’86, Keith Monchik ’90, Emily Low Boenning ’81, George Panichas ’83 and Peter Rotelli ’70— gathered at Persimmon in Providence, co-owned and operated by Lisa Harrison Speidel ’95. Not present but there in spirit and honored for their work for the MBAA over the years were Ted Winston ’74, Paul Silver ’68, and Stephanie Ogidan Preston ’97.