Alumni Leadership Bettering MB

Alumni involvement integral to Moses Brown

When alumni were students at Moses Brown, they may not have always been aware of the leadership behind the scenes of the school. In addition to the school’s administrative team, the school is joined by an extensive array of community members, joining in leadership on the school’s Board of Trustees and its committees.

This school year, more than 30 alumni are actively involved in leading the school on committees ranging from Buildings and Grounds to Nurturing Friends Education.

They join Reza Taleghani ’90 P’21’23, co-clerk of the Board of Trustees with Jane Ritson-Parsons P’17 ’21. “MB not only provides a first-rate education to its students, but, equally as important, instills a sense of responsibility to do something worthy with that education,” Reza says. As EVP and CFO of Samsonite International in nearby Mass., Reza’s busy career might mean he has little time to give back, but he does. Some alumni join the board after years of volunteer involvement after graduation; others are young alumni looking to make a difference at their alma mater, helping to shape the experience of current and future students. Some do it out of gratitude for a formative experience, others as a welcomed responsibility, a way to help the school build, improve and become even better.

Cheryl Schadone Cohen ’81 has been a member of the board of trustees since 2019 and before that served on the board for the Moses Brown Alumni Association. She’s served on multiple reunion committees for her class as well. Cheryl currently serves on the school’s Enrollment and Marketing committee. With her role as a director of marketing and sales for the Dunkin’ Donuts Center & Rhode Island Convention Center, Cheryl has a unique lens on advertising in our local market – and she’s generously given of her expertise to help the school. Cheryl appreciates the well-rounded experience Moses Brown gave her – and now is helping current students have that experience as well. “My pride in MB has grown deeper through my service as a trustee, participation in the MBAA, and my current involvement as clerk of the Enrollment & Marketing Committee,” she says. “As an alumna, I bring a unique perspective to the Board having benefitted from my own experience at MB and the values that were instilled in me through my education. My continued commitment to the Board has provided me with a profound connection to the MB community and a passion to guide Moses Brown in its mission. Alums provide a legacy and historical knowledge, which are one of the many benefits to the future success of Moses Brown.” Cheryl says that the school’s teachers, staff and coaches taught her to take on challenges and persevere; the skills she acquired at MB have been key to her success throughout her career.

David Izzi ’85 P’27’30 joined the school’s Budget & Finance committee this year and also is a Moses Brown parent, with sons Matthew ’30 and David ’27 currently at MB. David remembers faculty like Rex McGuinn as significant influences and says MB not only prepared him for college, it instilled in him the confidence to write and speak effectively. As president of Brown Lisle Cummings in Providence, his guidance in finance is valuable to the school – yet David is the one feeling appreciative. “I feel privileged to be a member of MB’s Budget & Finance Committee,” he says. “When I was contacted last summer to consider this role, I embraced the idea as it gave me the opportunity to give back to the school that has made such a significant impact on my life. It is truly an honor to be able to serve in such a trusted capacity with other professionals, many of whom are current and past parents of MB students. I have been impressed by the planning, preparation and efficiency of the monthly meetings and seeing how important it is that discussion and decision-making adhere to Quaker values. To know that so many volunteers are highly vested in the school that we have all grown to love makes me very proud.”

Marc Patrick ’89, global head of sports marketing for Amazon Prime Video, is currently serving on the school’s Enrollment and Marketing Committee and calls it an honor and a true joy. Spending seven years of his life growing up at MB as an active student and son of the Director of Admissions (Dorothy Patrick) meant that Marc gained perspective, at a very young age, on the work required to grow and maintain a thriving school community. “In addition to the academic excellence, MB taught me how to have a strong sense of discipline and appreciation for work, life and balance,” he says. “Today, as a marketing professional, it is a pleasure to share my expertise and help ensure that Moses Brown is continuing to be a school that leads in standing for honesty, peace, diversity and optimism.”

Alumni serving on committees of the board this year include:

Reza Taleghani ’90 (clerk), Cheryl Cohen ’81, Gary Goldberg ’87, Austin Jaspers ’11, Peter Ramsden ’82

Buildings & Grounds
Peter Ramsden ’82 (clerk), Mauricio Barreto ’65, Carl Bogus ’66, Ahvi Spindell ’72

Investment Committee
John Barrett ’63, John Gochberg ’92, Rory Riggs ’71, Erin Shippee ’95, Paul Silver ’68, Andy Tothy ’55, Heather Tow-Yick ’94

Budget & Finance
John Barrett ’63, David Izzi ’85, Austin Jaspers ’11, Vin Porcaro ’83, Paul Silver ’68

Gary Goldberg ’87 (clerk), John Baldwin ’94, John Barrett ’63, Joanne Debrah ’97, Kyle Dungan ’04, Jason Engle ’98, Kelly Evans ’06, Alex Egan ’03, Matt Fishbein ’02

Enrollment & Marketing
Cheryl Cohen ’81 (clerk), Katherine Gorgi ’08, Tad Jose ’78, Keith Monchik ’90, Marc Patrick ’89, Hannah Saris ’12, Ahvi Spindell ’72, Simone Tubman ’10

Rachel Littman ’87, Dave Murphy ’91, Vin Porcaro ’83, Lisa Rocchio ’85, Richard Wasserman ’83