Alumnus Perspective: Bob Samors ’77, Moses Brown Alumni Association

Why I Got Involved with the MBAA

Robert Samors ’77 has been a member of the Moses Brown Alumni Association board since 2019 and is now the clerk for the MBAA’s national programs. Bob now calls Silver Spring, Maryland home, where he works as a science policy consultant, after stints in Rome, Geneva and across the U.S. during his career in higher education. Bob has been an active volunteer as an event host and reunion agent, as well.

“Sometime last year, I was asked to make a brief video to support the Moses Brown Campaign, speaking specifically as to why and how my Moses Brown education and experience was so important to my life, and how important it was to provide opportunities like that to all students, regardless of financial need. The crux of my comments was the following:

Bob, top row, second from left, in the preprimary classroom, fall 1964

“I am forever grateful for my 13 years at MB. Not only did I learn how to think and how to write, but my teachers, my classmates, and the overall Moses Brown environment profoundly shaped who I am and how I live my life.

“In an even earlier moment, at a Washington, D.C. alumni event many years ago, I remember telling the Head of School, the late Joanne Hoffman, how I had only come to fully realize and appreciate – at the age of 35 – what an impact Moses Brown had on me. And it basically boils down to having been encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth (augmenting the support I received at home), learning how to respect and relate to people and treat them as fellow human beings regardless of any differences, and to generally want to help make the world a better place, whether on a large or small scale. All of these principles continue to guide my life today, and I hope I have passed them on to my children (but, you will have to ask them).

“With all of those influences, it was only natural for me to want to find ways to ‘give back’ to MB through more than my annual donation. As the folks in Middle House will tell you, it took a bit of time for all of us to find the right ‘niche’ for me, but I am very pleased to have been appointed to the Moses Brown Alumni Association (MBAA), and even more excited to be the Clerk for National Programs.

“One of my driving issues over the years has been how to help alumni/ae who are not in the Providence/Boston/Eastern Connecticut region to stay connected or even re-connect with the school. I know there are many, many others in the Moses Brown community who feel that Moses Brown had the same or a similar impact on their lives as it has had on mine. The challenge is, how can we help alums living further away satisfy that desire to continue to feel a part of MB, especially as it continues to change and evolve through the years. And, how can we enable those individuals to ‘give back’ in ways they find satisfying and that fit their life circumstances. The need to address this set of issues was a key take-away from the national alumni/ae survey MB conducted a couple of years ago.

“The MBAA has a robust set of alumni programs – both locally and across the country. But we are striving to take the feedback from that survey and find ways to increase alumni/ae engagement in new and creative ways – for example, through programs to connect alums with faculty and students to serve as subject matter experts for specific classes, internship sponsors, informal college counselors, mentors etc. But we are always looking for new ideas and new people to become involved in whatever ways they see fit. So, please let me know if you have ideas or just want to let me know you would like to become more engaged, but are not sure how.
Becoming involved in the Moses Brown Alumni Association has been something of a capstone of my 50-plus year MB ‘career.’ It has allowed me to express my thanks and appreciation to the place where I did a lot of my growing up, other than by just writing a check. Join me.”