Art Helps Bring Student Heroes to Life

Their work is on display through January 14 in the Sinclair Room as part of the All-School Art Show

Three second grade artists with work on display in the art show visited the gallery in the Sinclair Room to explain the inspiration behind the pieces. These projects were part of a multi-disciplinary unit involving elements of social studies and art, and provided the students a chance to share and reflect on their own personal heroes.

“Harriet Tubman inspires me. My real name is Harriet. I get inspired by her because she went about 19 times to save a lot of people,” says Hattie G., referring to Harriet Tubman’s 19 trips into the South to escort more than 300 slaves to freedom as part of the Underground Railroad.

Max M. chose to depict Albert Einstein, immediately recognizable (“you could tell by his hair, couldn’t you?”). “I think he saved a lot of people doing physics,” Max says.

Anna B. illustrated Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan on her vase. “I read a lot of books about Helen Keller,” she says, “and think it’s pretty amazing that she could read, write and speak even when she was deaf and blind.”

Before they began creating their artworks, students were shown examples of painted Greek vases from 500 BC which connected to the class’ study of the Olympics in social studies. The students used a limited color palette of similar hues (black, white, clay) to explore pattern design, much like the original Greek artworks. The ancient pieces portrayed heroes of the time, and these second grade students enjoyed being able to share their own heroes through art in a similar way.

Their work is on display through January 14 in the Sinclair Room as part of the All School Art Show. Parents are invited to visit during the day or with your child right after school. A closing event, including art faculty, will be held on January 14 from 3–5 pm. Visitors must check-in at the front desk of Middle House and wear masks at all times. We hope to see you there!