Arts at MB

The arts are an essential academic subject at Moses Brown because of the ways they integrate skills learned in other disciplines, and bring students back, over and over again, to the essential humanity in all people—the central tenet of Quaker values.

Whether students are already highly accomplished or are trying something for the first time, Moses Brown offers an extensive range of opportunities for visual, musical, and performing artists to develop their craft and artistry. For students who aren’t sure about stepping into something new, there is a broad base of encouragement to give it a try, and a community of friends and mentors ready to celebrate their success.

In studio art, students work with everything from charcoal to paint to ceramics and found-object art. Students who want to go further have ample after-school activities to follow their interests into deeper territory. In the performing arts, they have access to chorus, strings, wind ensemble, jazz band, and plays, musicals, and improv ensembles that offer opportunities to act, sing, dance, and learn the ropes of technical production.
No matter which arts offerings they choose to pursue, every student gets an introduction–and maybe discovers some answers within.

At Moses Brown, students find a wealth of advanced courses that can refine their technical skills and artistic depth to a level that prepares them for the nation’s highest arts colleges. While some students may not choose a career in the arts, it is still essential to know how art is made, how to appreciate it with knowledge and respect and to know that every person is capable of making an artistic contribution. No matter their path, every student has ample opportunities to explore new disciplines and nurture their natural talents.

Visual Arts
Drawing, painting, sculpture
Studios and fabrication spaces
Textiles, photography, and more
Woodshop for lower and middle school

Performing Arts
7 major theater productions each year
14 Instrumental and choral ensembles
Dance ensembles and master classes

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