Athletic Field Use Policy

Starting on March 13, 2021, MB will reopen its on-campus playing fields for informal/recreational use by MB students. Note that MASKS MUST BE WORN at all times, NO GUESTS from outside the MB community are permitted, and users MUST HAVE MB IDs with them so security personnel can effectively monitor approved use/access. Additionally, students must sign-up using this very simple google form before using fields (important for contact tracing and security purposes).

1. Only MB community members and contracted rental groups are permitted to use MB’s facilities. Unauthorized use of athletic facilities is not permitted.
    a. Scheduled team activities take priority on all field space. Please do not attempt to use fields/parts of fields when they are already in use.
    b. Students must leave campus immediately after any team or informal workout.
    c. Gates will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to contracted time for rental groups.

2. MB community members must have a valid MB ID with them.

3. Facility users must wear a mask at all times and follow all COVID related health and safety protocols while on MB’s campus.

4. Remove goals from the field and return them to their designated location along the fence after use (Campanella Field).

5. Captains practices are not permitted per Article 7 Section 8 of the RIIL Rules and Regulations.

6. No chewing gum or food on the playing surface.

7. No sport drinks allowed on the playing surface.

8. All trash must be disposed of properly and before exiting the facility.

9. In the event that bodily fluids such as blood or vomit come in contact with the surface, a member of the Facilities and Operations and/or the Moses Brown Athletic Department must be made aware of this immediately.

10. No dogs or any other pets allowed in the facility.

11. No unauthorized vehicles, bikes or scooters.

12. No golfing, javelin or metal spikes on synthetic surfaces.

13. No sharp objects such as tent stakes or corner flags on synthetic surfaces.


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