Author Explores the World of Graphic Novel Creation with Middle Schoolers

On Friday, April 28, author and illustrator Jonathan Todd held workshops with middle school students in every level (5-8) in the Sinclair Room. The students very much enjoyed their creative time with Jonathan, with hands-on learning on the topics: how to make a graphic novel, autobiographical comics, and creating a graphic novel page.

It was a great opportunity for the students to learn, but also to take some basic skills he reviewed with them, and to employ them all in one class period. Sensing they’d had a great time, teachers gathered some feedback from a few students. They sure did!

“I thought that Jonathan showing us the process of how to make a graphic novel gave us more insight as to how rewarding and challenging it can be.”

“It was interesting because he made us pick a specific part in our own lives that were special to us and allowed us to create a whole story with it.”

“I liked how it was so interactive.”

“I liked how it was not just 50 minutes of him talking. He told us what to do and then showed us the steps to accomplish it. It was fun!”

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