Celebrating 100 Through Creative Counting and Giving to Others

What are some creative ways to count to 100? In addition to counting the days of school so far this year to 100, Pre-Primary students were snacking their way to 100 with an assortment of treats to along the way. Yum!

Many Lower School classes have been celebrating the 100 days mark through different fun ways of counting.

Additionally, the entire Lower School has been collecting food and other items to donate to local Camp Street Ministries, and this collection has given students yet another way to count to 100.

Kindergarten is helping to gather all donations, which are being handed to the Middle School Service Club who will be delivering the items to Camp Street!

The totals:

107 cans of tuna fish from Nursery; 41 boxes of hot chocolate from Pre-Primary; 129 jars of peanut butter from Kindergarten; 133 cans of black beans from First Grade; 99 jars of squeeze jelly from the 2nd grade; 80 containers of oatmeal from 3rd Grade; and 92 boxes of cereal from 4th Grade.