Commencement Week 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for completing your Moses Brown journey, and to the 2025 and 2022 classes, good luck in middle school and high school next year!

Following are highlights from last week’s graduation ceremonies.


“Be open-minded. Some of you have set your course already. ‘I’m going to be a neurosurgeon, or I’m going to be an engineer, or a teacher.’ You’ve set that course, and God bless you, that’s great to have goals and to set out and achieve those goals. But I would tell you that it’s ok to deviate from that path. That path is not etched in stone.” –Tom Cotter ’82, Commencement Speaker. See Tom’s full address (video), filled with hilarious and poignant stories from his life at and after MB, such as his ascent to being a top comedian, including making it to the final round of America’s Got Talent.

“I am fully confident that each one of us has a gift, a goal, a greatness to share…and no matter how small the initial act or idea may seem, it has the power to grow and spread. But what makes our class so special is not just that innate gift, but our willingness and ability to diffuse some of its sparks in order to comfort and enlighten one another as well as the world around us.”
Chase Harrington ’18 (full speech)

“I would encourage everyone to cherish and put into perspective all that you’ve gone through as it is such a brief time and there is no reason to hold grudges or be bitter. These are the friends and memories that we should all think of fondly for the rest of our lives.” –Skyler Sullivan ’18 (full speech)

“I can’t think of legacy without thinking of the ending song from Hamilton coming to mind, Elizabeth Schuyler singing, ‘when my time is up, have I done enough, will they tell my story,’ but then I realize all of our stories are just beginning, and when they are told, Moses Brown will only be the start.” –Kiran Sampath ’18 (full speech)

“I have also loved your pioneering spirit. Your four years in our Upper School corresponded with some fairly significant changes at MB: like our adoption of Project-Based Learning; the growth of the TRIPs program; new facilities such as the Woodman Center, Y-Lab, and squash center; and new courses such as AP computer science and Social Entrepreneurship. Throughout these changes, you have been patient for sure, but most of all eager to explore new opportunities.”
Matt Glendinning, Head of School (full speech)

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Middle School

“Moses Brown has encouraged us to be independent thinkers and to be true to ourselves. We all want to fit in and be like everybody else, but what I’ve learned is how important it is to have your own identity and make your own decisions. You may have to step out of your comfort zone and go against the grain to accomplish this, but it will be worth it, particularly in high school where there are more opportunities to try new things. And even though Moses Brown has taught us to speak up and create our own identity, we have also learned about community… As a group we may not do everything together, but we all look after and respect each other.” –Casey L. ’22 (full speech)

“Throughout middle school we’re trying to find ourselves. Where we belong, with whom we belong, what we love and don’t love, what we’re good at and what we’re not so good at. We are each looking for something yet we’re not entirely sure what it is, and that’s what I love about middle school. Not only was I able to see myself grow as a student but as a daughter, sister, friend, dancer, writer, activist, soccer player, oh and don’t forget all-star basketball player, just kidding. But I was able to see myself grow with my peers.” –Karina R. ’22 (full speech)

“As we tackle these next few years, it provides comfort to remember that we all got to this point with this group of individuals which has created our own unique experience. I can’t control or predict what next fall has to offer, but I know that through successes and failures we will always persevere.” –Lila S. ’22 (full speech)

“You pushed boundaries, made mistakes, made us crazy at times, laughed often, worked hard, connected with each other, and made this year go by quickly. We will honestly miss you. High school is waiting, and you are more than ready. Be involved, take care of each other—and have lots of fun.” –Jared Schott, Head of Middle School (full speech)

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Lower School

“You have provided a model for the rest of us of as to how 38 talented and unique individuals can come together to create a class that is somehow greater than its discrete parts… You provided a model of collaboration, compromise, and of valuing the common good above individual gain, that is a lesson for all of us, young and old.” –Jeff d’Entremont, Head of Lower School (full speech)

“The lower school at MB is quite a journey, isn’t it! Lasting twice as long as our upper school, and almost three times as long as the middle, the eight years of lower school represent a time of extraordinary growth, change, and exploration for children. Students, whether you spent just one year in our lower school or eight, I hope you can recognize all the ways that you’ve grown, and that you’re feeling excited about your developing passions and proud of your accomplishments.”
Matt Glendinning, Head of School (full speech)

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