Is this an early Halloween party? No, it’s Spanish class!

Upper School language students were challenged to narrate a well-known children’s story in Spanish and then perform the plays for the rest of the class. “Students wrote the script and memorized their lines. They had to use two past tenses and certain keywords in Spanish,” says teacher Elena Peterson.

She explains, “This exercise benefits language learning because students are now able to use language in context— not by drilling them, or learning mechanically. It is about using language and collaboration with other students while having fun.”

One of the students in the class, junior Zach R., comments that performing a familiar story such as The Three Little Pigs was helpful in familiarizing him with the language. “It puts unknown words that can seem so confusing on paper into something you can visualize and be a part of,” he says.

There was plenty of fun in preparing the stage production, like trying out the costumes around campus or sourcing props from the theatre department. “We walked across campus wearing pig ears to practice in the library classrooms and lugged wood and hammers from the shop in Woodman to where we performed in the Grove,” Zach shares.