Earth Week at MB: Tending a Garden and Appreciating Trees

For Earth Week, Upper School Environmental Council students partnered with lower schoolers on activities which celebrated and increased student understanding of our planet and why it’s important to protect it.

Monday offered a great, sunny morning to be out in our community garden. The EC members guided first graders in cleaning up and preparing peas to be planted, once the weather gets a bit warmer.

“We’ll be planting some peas and talking about the soil and worms. We’ve found a lot of grubs so far today,” said senior Sadie W., right after admiring a worm discovered by a first grader. More than just discovering worms and grub, first graders had done some important helping “with overturning the soil and digging a lot of holes.”

Later in the day the upper schoolers took to MB’s Grove joined by third grade science students. The EC members created a fun lesson plan which asked third graders to explore the area to learn more about the many trees located there. MB has been recognized as an official arboretum site, only the second school in New England to achieve this status.

First up was a scavenger hunt for which they were given a list of tree varieties (with pictures) to help them. Once located, they had to create their own tree sketches.

“We’re doing this so we can show the third graders about MB’s designation as an Arboretum and help them appreciate all of the beautiful trees we have this spring,” said junior Abby L.

After the scavenger hunt they discussed their favorite observations. Students especially liked the Red Maple and the Flowering Dogwood. Science teacher Elizabeth Grumbach pointed out that the Red Maple had seeds appearing which would eventually become the helicopter-like seeds that fly down onto the ground.

The third graders also had the chance to do tree bark rubbings with crayons and paper as another way to explore and learn.

“We are telling them about the different patterns of the tree bark and they are learning about all of the trees on our campus,” said EC member Jasmine C. “This way they can understand more about MB as an environmentally friendly campus as a whole and also raise their awareness about environmental protection as well, especially during Earth Week.”