Lower School

3rd Grade

Third graders are beginning to develop a sense of themselves as scholars.  As readers, they’re developing the mastery that leads to enjoyment and learning.  As writers, they find that they can inform, persuade, and entertain.  As mathematicians, they discover that they can handle larger and more complex operations than ever before.  And as technologists, they discover that they can program and control programs and devices as makers as well as users.

Whether they’re discovering their inner Adele, Miles, or Rostropovich in chorus, wind ensemble, or string ensemble, or finding that they love making ‘real things’ in woodshop, they have a multitude of ways to discover that school is fun.



Language Arts

At Moses Brown, third graders gain independence as readers and writers, tackling more complex chapter books and penning multi-paragraph stories and essays in cursive.  With favorites like Kate DiCamillo’s Because of Winn-Dixie and award-winner Stone Fox by John Reynolds Naylor as all-class reads, and their own interests to guide them in finding their own ‘just...

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In a workshop format, students participate in hands-on math activities, games, discussion, and practice. Children solve addition problems with two- and three-digit numbers, and they solve subtraction problems with two-digit numbers. Breaking numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones allows students to further develop their understanding of place value. This helps children think of multiplication as...

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History/Social Studies

Our world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent.  Quaker values frame our social studies curriculum, sparking students’ big questions and fostering their sense of social responsibility. We strive to connect our students to the larger world by engaging in service and connecting with students from other classes and schools. Third graders work with experts from Save...

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In third grade, students visit the lower school science lab twice a week, observing the world around them, asking questions about what they see, and interacting in hands-on activities to answer those questions. In conjunction with their classroom curriculum on local Native American history,  children explore the relationship between water and the land in our...

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Third graders at Moses Brown learn about the internet, and how to be a safe and responsible digital citizen.  With MacBook Pro laptops, iPads, Google Drive, and G Suite for Education, they have a robust suite of hardware and software to help them with regular coding assignments.  A Digital Passport (through Common Sense Media) helps...

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World Languages

Third graders study Spanish in half groups for 30 minutes three times a week.  We use a multisensory program based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  They sing songs, perform skits, read comics, and play games using materials published in Italy.  Designed for European children, the activity directions are exclusively in Spanish, with no...

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Third grade musicians begin to make more sophisticated musical sounds both alone and as a group.  They learn to play instruments as an ensemble, listening critically to make artistic musical choices. They continue to make associations between musical sounds and written notes on the page.  When the children are studying whaling in social studies, we...

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Field Trip!

3rd grade visits Plimoth Plantation

Third graders headed to Plimoth Plantation to learn more about the origins of our country and how people lived during that time.


Katherine Nelson

Lower School Third Grade

Katherine Nelson

Smith College – B.A., M.A.T.

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