Middle School

6th Grade

Sixth grade at Moses Brown is a dynamic and exciting year.  Beginning with a four-day trip to the woods with classmates and teachers, students quickly learn that they are capable of far more than they ever dreamed.

In dynamic and interdisciplinary classes, books come alive as they stage their own criminal trial (complete with rules of evidence) and living-history exhibits.  Math and science push them to explore, experiment, and analyze data to understand soil erosion and cell biology.  They probe the technical and societal opportunities and challenges posed by the internet, and how to be safe, responsible citizens online.

In clubs and after-school activities, they can extend their learning, exercise their musical chops, and discover a new sport that nourishes their body as well as their mind.

Through it all, they’ll have daily coaching in a morning advisory that builds powerful, lasting relationships with caring adults and classmates, engendering a sense of community that lasts a lifetime.




Sixth graders read, discuss, and write stories, essays, and poetry.  With engaging literature and productive, respectful critique sessions, Moses Brown students develop a passion for the English language and a love of books. With both shared and independent reading of memoirs, short stories, novels, poetry, and plays, class texts are a springboard to the craft...

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In sixth grade, students at Moses Brown establish and demonstrate mastery of basic mathematical operations.  We quickly introduce the concept of positive and negative integers, and get comfortable with  all the operations associated with them.  With puzzles and games, these units are lively and fun, even as kids practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers....

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Imagine you are digging in your back yard and you find the broken pieces of a strange, unidentifiable object. Patiently, carefully, you put some of the pieces together and have to guess: what was this object for? Who made it and why? What was their story and place in the world? Sixth grade History is...

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Sixth grade scientists at Moses Brown develop their understanding of–and practice with–the scientific method.  In developing hypotheses, designing their own experiments, recording observations, and deriving conclusions from experimental data, they practice the habits of mind and work process that are essential to any successful, responsible scientist. Whether studying Earth science, chemistry, cell biology, or human...

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In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, today’s sixth graders need to learn how to create digital environments, not just use them.  Coding introduces kids to the process of computational thinking, in which students break a problem down and express a solution in steps that a computer can understand.  After all, in the 21st century...

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World Languages

Sixth graders at Moses Brown can choose to study Spanish, French, or Latin.  In addition to learning the basics of pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary, they dive into the cultures where their chosen language is spoken, and use language as a way of understanding and celebrating cultural differences. Latin learn expressions commonly found in English...

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Sixth graders at Moses Brown have an extensive menu of fine and performing arts opportunities available to them. Whether they’ve been playing for one year or five, sixth graders can join the middle school string orchestra, having fun and honing their abilities to blend, follow a conductor, sight-read, and perform with confidence.  Our repertoire is...

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