Upper School

Each year in upper school at Moses Brown, students have increasing freedom and responsibility to shape their course of study.  With solid foundational courses and a robust menu of challenging electives, students can study widely, developing a broad base of knowledge, and also dive into whatever most excites their interest.

In growing from children to young adults, Moses Brown students receive constant reinforcement of the Quaker values that guide them in making good choices, and in developing an ethical framework that can endure for a lifetime.

Our college counseling office supports and informs their search among the nation’s best and most interesting colleges and universities, finding the post-secondary opportunity that best matches their academic achievements, athletic and artistic passions, and sense of self.

By the time students leave, they have found lasting friendships, learned a lot about the world and about themselves, and developed a moral framework that positions them to do both well, and good, in the world.

Inquire to schedule your visit to Moses Brown, and see for yourself how upper school is not the same as high school.

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