“The feeling of coming home again”

Moses Brown traditionally opens each school year with Convocation – a coming together on the first Friday of classes with our entire school community to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The gathering takes place on our Front Circle, highlighted by student speeches.

We are pleased to share the thoughtful remarks shared by 12th grader Lila S.:

“I thought a lot this summer about this first look out at the Moses Brown community after the trials and tribulations that we have all gone through in these unprecedented times. Maybe I would walk into a sea of strangers, forget where my classes were or even forget some of the faces that I used to know like the back of my hand. Yet I am reminded that clear blue skies and soft gliding waves does not a seasoned sailor make. I believe the true measure of a person is not how they have flourished in times of ease, but how they have persisted through times of chaos and uncertainty, and managed with courage and faith in themselves to stay afloat, and see a new day.

When I look out right now at this particular ocean of ours, I see things all too familiar: the nerves of new students, the cautiously contained excitement of the faculty to see us all here again, and, most importantly, the feeling of coming home again. These signs tell me that today is that new day. Coming upon my last year of what feels like my never ending journey here at MB, I implore you to find or even remember what makes this community feel like home to you, and feel proud of how you have come out on the other side. Here’s to a great year!”

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(photo of Lila by David O’Connor)