The MB Training Room is open!

Students returning from spring found the MB Training room still open, digitally for now.

Moses Brown athletic trainer Joyce Freeman is offering remote training room hours on a weekly basis via google meets. “I hope to be a resource for any questions students have involving injury prevention, diagnosis, and treatments,” says Joyce. “Although I am unable to tape an ankle, wrap a quad or be on the field with them, I can still provide guidance for students on what to do in a particular situation.”

Email Joyce at for this week’s training hours; she’ll give you the link and access password for upcoming sessions.

Students are able to schedule a 15-minute session with Joyce in the hours provided; just let her know beforehand. If her scheduled office hours do not work with your schedule, send her an email to set up another time.

Students, feel free to contact Joyce with any training questions training you may have.

Follow Joyce on Instagram @MBtrainingroom!

NorthEast Sports Training (NEST)

NEST (NorthEast Sports Training) has put together an Online Training Platform for Moses Brown students, staff, and family.

By clicking on the link, below, you will be brought to a Sign In page.  Simply input your data and you will be registered on the platform.  You will immediately receive confirmation and a message to be on the lookout for Week 1 : Day 1 workout.

You will receive the workout within minutes and will be able to choose a workout plan.  Workouts are geared towards strength and conditioning for athletes, fitness workouts for girls and boys, and Adult / Kids Fitness programs for family members.  Simply choose the ones that interest you.  Every 24 hour  NEST will send a new workout with tips and health & wellness advice.  You can opt-out at any time.  Sign up here.



MB Trainer Joyce Freeman and Class of 2020 athletes reflect on “Changing Course” to adjust to the realities of continuing on and staying motivated in unexpected circumstances. “We are so used to aiming for a desired target or a finished goal in school, business, and athletics. Yet, we all came to a halt on the track when Covid-19 came running into our lives. As athletes stood by, watching each athletic competition be cancelled or postponed, emotions rushed in. Many athletes felt a sense of helplessness, fear, and frustration, along with a lack of motivation to train.”

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