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An Independent, Coed, Friends School, Nursery Through Grade 12

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We see and celebrate the Inner Light in everyone

Moses Brown's commitment to delivering a world-class Friends education to its students stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication to the inner light. Yet, in a financial landscape that relies heavily on tuition, the scope of programs and facilities that we provide far exceeds the resources available through tuition and endowment income alone.

It is within this context that philanthropic supporters like you step forward, playing a pivotal role in uniting our community for the betterment of our school and students. Your generous contributions, whether through annual giving or support for endowment and capital projects, serve as the crucial bridge that closes the financial gap. 

The involvement of the entire Moses Brown Community not only empowers individual students but also knits our community together, emphasizing the collective commitment we share to nurture the minds and futures of our students. Together, we pave the way for excellence, ensuring that Moses Brown continues to be a beacon of educational opportunity and achievement for generations to come.


Giving to Moses Brown’s endowment ensures the long-term financial security of our school. Endowed funds are invested in perpetuity, and only a small portion of the income they generate is spent each year.  This ensures that MB is able to provide long-term support for engaging curricular and co-curricular programs, facilities, and faculty, and offering robust scholarships for talented children.

Capital Projects

Capital project support at Moses Brown means helping with significant and potentially transformative physical improvements like building new facilities or upgrading technology. Capital project support ensures that Moses Brown can create better spaces for learning and growth.

Thank you for being


You are True Blue if, during the past school year, you were a volunteer leader, member of The Grove (loyal donors), The Front Circle (leadership contributors) or our Obadiah Brown Society (our legacy contributors)!  We thrived last year because so many people contributed in so many ways: volunteering time, sharing expertise, and supporting the school philanthropically. Thank You!!