Goal Driven

Lindsay P. ’22

Being on a soccer field feels like home to senior Lindsay P. Despite exchanging her cleats for a racket at MB (due to injury), the soccer pitch still makes the perfect setting to catch up with this MB student-athlete – as it’s what initially brought her to Moses Brown. Her years of soccer training have given her the natural ability to pivot and change direction on a dime, be ready for whatever comes her way, to adjust and look for the openings.

“I have learned to try different things at Moses Brown,” she says. “MB made me focus but also look widely. This school is very good at offering students many options and keeping doors open.”

Lindsay has been kicking a soccer ball since the age of 4 and came to MB in seventh grade via Project Goal, the Providence program that helps students gain educational support while playing the sport they love. “Lindsay was a fireball on the soccer field,” recalls co-founder and executive director Darius Shirzadi.  “She often would play with our older group of boys at Project GOAL. I also saw her score the winning penalty against Wheeler in a playoff game her freshman year. She also is a very hard worker academically.”

Lindsay was nervous when she first visited. Her parents saw Moses Brown as a great place for Lindsay to realize her possibilities, something they knew firsthand. Lindsay’s mother came to the U.S. at 16 from Venezuela. “They saw the opportunities here,” Lindsay says.

She enrolled at MB and remembers Matt Glendinning gave her a tour of campus. “It actually helped ease my nerves,” she recalls. “I found it really welcoming to have the head of school tour me around. I realized this would be a different kind of school from what I was used to.”

Lindsay’s focus helped her to make the transition to MB. Middle school faculty member Katie Denoyelle helped her make the transition and encouraged her to try new things at MB. “When Lindsay came to MB as a 7th grader, she was immediately a welcoming face to see in advisory in every morning,” says Katie. “It didn’t take her long to make friends and seamlessly transition to the daily expectations at MB. Once she got going there was no stopping her daily progress as an active community member and emerging leader. From the athletic fields, to the classrooms and most recently her role as choreographer in Mamma Mia, there is no stopping her. Her growth has been remarkable. I can’t wait to see where her college years and beyond take her.”

This past year, Lindsay also went out for tennis, despite having never played before, and found herself coaching a tennis camp this past summer (having played squash for a year helped). “It was one of the best work experiences ever,” she enthuses. “I was able to teach this fun game to a bunch of curious, energetic kids. Being able to be a model and watch them grow as players was incredible.”

Lindsay appreciates that MB is an environment in which students can try new things, and reinvent themselves along the way, and is enjoying playing tennis this fall for MB, launching her senior year: “We are all excited to bring a little bit more normality into our games and our lives.”