Grandparents play an important role in the experiences of students and we encourage your involvement with Moses Brown. We welcome grandparents at concerts, games, and special events. Family support is powerful for students of all ages.


Get involved at MB

Connect with the Moses Brown Parents’ Association – they can always use volunteers; whether it’s helping in the cafeteria, library or helping with staffing at Expo, grandparents are a welcomed addition to the volunteer roster.

All-School Book Fair, held in November each year. Many grandparents attend the annual book fair with their grandchildren.

Share in your grandchild’s classroom and or attend events in their division. Grandparents with a specific role or expertise that may be of interest to teachers for a classroom presentation or after-school club are encouraged to share.

MBe There (annual spring Parents’ Association auction) – MB There supports scholarship and professional development for faculty and staff, enriching the student body and investing in the lifelong learning of our teachers.

Cheer on Quaker Nation

Follow MB on social media and see students in action – find us at Moses Brown School on Facebook and Instagram.

To get involved, or learn more, please ask your student’s parents to reach out to their PA class representative, teacher or advisor.

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