Health and Wellness

Health Services

As a Friends School, Moses Brown’s Registered School Nurses work to inspire the inner promise of each student and provide the utmost care for learning, people, and place. They do so through health prevention, health promotion and health maintenance. Their role consists of first aid and injury management, along with acute and chronic disease and medication management. Lower School Nurse Shanna Salazar and School Nurse (6th-12th) Barret Clarke collect and audit immunizations, physicals and other health records/screenings. They are working extensively with the Rhode Island Department of Education, Rhode Island Department of Health for communicable disease surveillance, reporting and exclusions to ensure the safety and health of our community.

Student Support

At Moses Brown, we celebrate and cultivate every student’s unique strengths and passions, and support every student’s unique challenges and areas for growth. Those strengths and weaknesses can be academic, social, or emotional, and MB has full-time licensed professionals to help students reach their full potential.

In lower school, teachers check in with students individually, and draw upon colleagues and specialists to make sure that every student is well-supported and adequately challenged.

Middle school’s team structure facilitates a collaborative approach to supporting students with different learning profiles. Every student receives coaching on executive function, time management, and study skills. They learn to plan, prioritize, and advocate for their particular learning style.

We encourage individual conferencing with classroom teachers and participation in the after-school Learning Center for additional individualized support.

Academic and social-emotional support:
Full-time math specialist
Full-time Orton-Gillingham certified reading specialist
MB-approved tutors
Math clubs
Full-time counselor and psychologist
Speech therapy
Occupational therapy
Learning Center
To support student well-being and self-expression, Moses Brown offers:
Yoga classes
Guided meditation
Athletic trainer
Meeting for Worship
Spiritual counselor

Krista Haskell, B.A., M.S.W., LICSW
Krista Haskell, LICSW, is Moses Brown’s full-time counselor for grades N-6. She provides counseling for social-emotional and academic challenges, and professional evaluation for testing and intervention of diagnosed differences.

Whether recommending extended time on assessments, strategies for note-taking, or technological supports, Krista’s experience and expertise give her a wealth of strategies for families to use in navigating the challenges of growing up, giving one’s best, and finding an enjoyable and sustainable balance.

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