It’s Alive!

Right before winter break, young visitors from the lower school got to see some amazing robot animals come to life in Dave Wasser’s seventh grade technology workshop.

Middle school students have been working in the Y-Lab this fall, using robotics technology to create animals that respond to human interaction – and young visitors from lower school science were able to visit them in the Y-Lab.

Dave says the offering is part of efforts to build on the middle school’s technology offerings.

A focus of the middle school STEM curriculum is to help students use design-thinking skills to solve challenges such as creating “living” animals out of inanimate boxes.

Seventh graders used the laser cutter and 3D printer to create the mobile menagerie, which included a tail-wagging dog, friendly llama, colorful bumblebee, shy turtle, vibrantly-colored dragon, spiky crocodile, and even a pig that might literally fly.

-December 2021