“Be kind to one another and have patience in these challenging times”

Moses Brown traditionally opens each school year with Convocation – a coming together on the first Friday of classes with our entire school community to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The gathering takes place on our Front Circle, highlighted by student speeches.

We are pleased to share the thoughtful remarks shared by 8th grader Liam C.:

“I would like to welcome everyone to the new school year on behalf of the middle school, especially new students and families. I am sure that you will come to love Moses Brown as I do. The MB community is a truly compassionate group of people, and everyone is ready to chip in and do their part for one another. I am so glad and honored to say that I am a part of it.

I am entering my 8th grade year, and I have nothing but good memories from my past middle school years, despite one in the midst of a pandemic. Last year, the Middle School as a whole did not miss a single day on campus, and though the year was not quite normal or what we expected it to be, we took what we had and made the best of it. And while COVID didn’t make things easy for any of us, I genuinely feel as though it helped us bond in a way we might not have if things had been normal.

The current 8th graders invented a socially distant sport called Nacho Bowl that we played on the driveway, and eventually the entire grade got in on it. We played it every day, even well into the winter when there was snow on the ground.

School sports went on as well as they could, given the situation. Though no official games were played, I still had a great time being on the middle school baseball team. The theater program got creative and also went on as best it could. The Upper School produced two outdoor shows, and the Middle School had a socially distanced musical that was live streamed.

The point of this is not to say that last year was perfect and I hope we can do it all again, because really, I wouldn’t want that. I would just like COVID to be over. I really would. But unfortunately, it isn’t. And though we, hopefully, can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we aren’t quite there.

While the cancelation of team trips was extremely disappointing, I am sure that the teachers were able to come up with a fun, safer, alternative, and I’m sure that we can do the same and come up with creative solutions to have fun while also combating COVID that will allow us to keep both our health and our sanity.

It is important that we remember to be kind to one another and have patience in these challenging times. Whatever comes out of this year, we can be sure that memories will, so let’s make this year the best we can together.  Thank you.”

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(Photos by David O’Connor)