Kudos! MBAA Spring Award Recipients


Moses Brown Alumni Association Recognizes 2017 Award Winners at Reunion This Spring

Davide Dukcevich ’92: 25th Reunion Achievement Award

Davide Dukcevich, along with his brother Stefano ’89, is co-owner of Daniele Foods, a charcuterie business which has defined the Dukcevich family for three generations. Today, Daniele Foods cures over 700,000 hams a year at its plant in Pascoag, R.I., producing high-quality prosciutto, salami, mortadella, and more. Their products are shipped as far away as Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Columbia, and Mexico. Davide values the preparation he received at MB. “I wasn’t a great student, MB didn’t kid me about that. That prepared me for reality.” He worked as a writer at Forbes before joining Daniele full-time. He is passionate about keeping business in Rhode Island and preserving land for farming. “It feels important to care for the place that took care of my family when we came to this country,” he says, reflecting on the path his grandparents took, as they fled Yugoslavia during World War II.

Paul Suttell ’67: Distinguished Alumnus Award

Paul Suttell is chief justice of Rhode Island’s Supreme Court. He’s served on the Court since 2003 and previously spent 13 years as an associate justice for Rhode Island’s Family Court. Paul developed his writing skills as a student at MB. After graduation, he earned his J.D. from Suffolk University, then returned to Rhode Island to practice. He served as a state representative from 1983-90 and was a delegate at the Republican National Convention. Paul considers himself fortunate to have parents who set a high ethical standard: “These principles were reinforced daily at Moses Brown. It is important that students learn to make right choices at an early age, in small matters as well as large. It is often the small decisions that are the most challenging.” He appreciates MB’s emphasis on Ethical Leadership, affirmed for him as a student by the MB motto, “For the Honor of Truth.”

Tom Andrew: Faculty Member of the Year Award

Tom Andrew is a respected veteran of the upper school who has used numerous awards to develop his teaching over the years, including a John Swan ’50 Grant, a Leonard Miller ’51 Grant, the Rufus Bilodeau ’89 Award, and the James English Prize. Tom also received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for his study of Wordsworth and Thoreau. Tom was hired in 1987 to teach English. “During my first year at MB,” he says, “I quickly recognized that the propensity of students to share what is on their mind during Meeting for Worship translates to a richer depth of discussion in English classes. Since then, my goal has been to structure the student and writing-centered classrooms that allow my students to express freely what is on their minds — about their lives, about the literature that they read, and in the papers they write.” After walking England’s 80-mile Dales High Way this past summer, Tom is looking forward to increasing the environmental/global focus in his classes and teaching a “Survival Literature and Film” elective in the coming spring.