Learning about the Archaeology of College Hill on Moses Brown’s Campus

In mid-October, sixth grade students had a chance to visit an active archaeological site on our own campus, located on Mann Field right on the corner of Hope Street and LLoyd Avenue. The excavation project is of a late 19th – early 20th century home that once stood there, and is being led by graduate students from Brown University’s Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World.

Anna Soifer, a PhD candidate, teaches the class that is involved with the hands-on work being done at the site.

“We talked a bunch about archaeology and the site and showed some objects. By having these students out here, what I’m hoping they get out of it is learning that archeology is a profession, it’s something that people do, and it’s also another way to study history,” Anna said.

Having studied archaeology in history class, sixth-grader Sadie noted that visiting the site in person helped her “really connect to archaeologists and what they do” in a tangible way.