Learning Music is Spooky Fun at Lower School’s Halloween Sing

Nursery through Second Grade gathered in late October for an annual tradition: the Halloween Sing. It took place in the Debbie Goff Library within the new Mencoff Commons, which is a perfect spot for a small performance!

There was certainly a lot of Halloween fun on display, which was guided with charm by Lower School Music Teacher Chad Putka.

Assistant Head of School Debbie Phipps was able to join and observed that “so much teaching is happening during what might seem, to the children, like a simple Halloween sing-a-long.” They were learning about the importance of modulating their volume, how to manage the space as they moved and danced, listening patiently as Chad offers instructions, and so much more.

“For all of this to happen in a brief gathering to sing holiday songs takes expert, expert planning and teaching,” she added.