Lessons from Immersive Learning

Upper School Immersion took place April 4-7. During this week, students are given the opportunity to become fully engrossed in one activity or project. These activities are very different from what they experience on a typical school day.

Exploring cheese, calligraphy, designing escape rooms or electric vehicles, rock climbing, understanding the science behind cooking, making short films, writing music, financial investment, dancing and eating, performance (banner photo above: David O’Connor), delving into emergency medicine, or service work. These are but a sample of the many opportunities!

Junior Jake M. was part of the Filmmaking, Photography, and Social Media group. He reflects on what he saw that week: “I observed my peers scaling a rock wall, building their own car, creating their own articles of clothing, and much more. This learning style is undoubtedly a drastic change from what MB students are accustomed to, but the benefits of learning in this style become apparent as soon as you step into an immersion classroom. Students are smiling, laughing, and learning unique skills while also growing a closer bond with their peers and teachers. To see students become so dedicated to working together to construct their own escape room or create their own music makes it impossible to deny the benefits of immersive learning.”

When asked about the benefits of immersive learning, Jerrett Wilson, Upper School Director of Student Life, said, “Everyone shows up excited because it’s a different day… The day is new, something fun is going to happen. ”

This year was Head of Upper School Laura Twichell’s first MB Immersion experience, and she was equally impressed and inspired by what she observed.

“What most moved me… was seeing students stretch out of their comfort zones and usual personas,” Laura shares. “Students performed on stage whom I’ve never seen performing or even speaking in front of the upper school. They took their work, not themselves, seriously. What a gift to themselves, their peers, and their teachers – the whole upper school community.”

Below enjoy short films created by students in their Immersion experiences:

A slideshow compiled by Brie C. ‘23

Interviews of students and teachers filmed by students:

A focus on music making by Rohan S. ‘22

Emergency medicine featurette by Gabe. H. ‘23

9th Graders helped at Pleasant View Elementary and Faizaan Q. ‘23 was on the scene.