Letter to the Moses Brown Community

January 31, 2019


Dear Members of the Moses Brown School Community,

A Moses Brown alumnus recently reported that he was the victim of sexual abuse by two teachers while a boarding student in the 1960s.

I have been in contact with the alumnus over the past several weeks and am deeply concerned by his allegation.  Coming forward for the first time, he described a series of separate incidents with two teachers.  On hearing his story, I shared my profound sadness for what he had experienced and my heartfelt apology that Moses Brown had failed to keep him safe during his time at the school.

Both teachers are now deceased, and for the time being we are not releasing their names pending the result of further investigation.

Maintaining a safe environment for all our students is our primary concern at Moses Brown.  Following this alumnus’ report, and in the interest of safety, truth, and healing, we now feel a responsibility to inquire whether there were other victims or perpetrators who have not yet been identified.

To that end, I strongly encourage anyone who feels they were the victim of sexual misconduct by a Moses Brown employee, whether in the 1960s or at any point in the school’s history, to come forward.  Reports can be shared with Laura Kirschstein or Julie Freudenheim from T&M Protection Resources, an external firm we have hired to investigate this matter (mosesbrown@tmprotection.com, 646-445-7707).  T&M has significant experience in this area and has worked with other independent schools in similar circumstances.

Understanding that it may be painful to discuss this subject, they will listen with care and treat all reports confidentially unless mandatory reporting laws require otherwise, or the safety of a child is in immediate jeopardy.

As we address this serious issue from our past, Moses Brown remains steadfastly committed to the safety and well-being of all current and future students.  In 2016, in consultation with legal experts, we proactively reviewed our safety policies and provided training to all MB employees regarding maintaining appropriate boundaries with students, identifying sexual abuse, and reporting allegations of misconduct.  This incident is a reminder that we need to assess such protocols regularly and we remain committed to reviewing our policies annually and renewing staff training every three years in order to ensure we are doing all we can to provide a safe environment for our students.

As Moses Brown’s Head of School, I absolutely condemn any mistreatment of a child and am committed to hearing, investigating, and addressing claims of sexual misconduct from our past.  The Quaker testimonies of integrity and community demand of us no less.

Please join me in holding the alumnus who has come forward in the Light of our collective care and support.


Matt Glendinning
Head of School