A Little ‘Dose of Happiness’

Could you use a little Dose of Happiness? That’s the title of an e-newsletter shared with the junior class by Ty A.’23. Ty has been publishing the newsletter for the past few years and recently started sharing it with the whole upper school. “The Dose of Happiness is all about finding the light in the world when it seems there is none and it seeks to make at least one person laugh,” he says. It’s really just about making someone smile when they open it up. “No matter what kind of day someone is having, my goal is to boost their mood!” he says.

Ty started the newsletter two years ago as a new ninth grader at MB. “I started it when COVID first began,” he recalls, “because I felt as though our grade was disconnected. I wanted something to bring us a little more together and spread some joy during hard times when we couldn’t see one another.” He’s been happy to see the newsletter continue and now to see it shared with the entire upper school.

Ty is launching his 2022 platform with a focus on kindness — “kindness can not only create positivity around you, but also inside of you. When we smile towards someone else in the world, the light grows and, if we spread the kindness reflected from each person to another, the light has all the power it needs to overcome the darkness surrounding it.”

The newsletter includes a quote of the day, silly jokes to generate some laughter, and a spotlight on other people spreading joy. Ty also takes shoutouts.

Take a look if you need to make this a more ‘happlimatic’ month (explained in the newsletter).