Lower School renovation celebrated, learned about with first-hand experiences

Lower School took time to celebrate National Construction Appreciation Week in September, a time dedicated to honoring the hard-working individuals who are essential to maintaining our buildings and infrastructure. Moses Brown School has its own construction project right now the $8 Million Lower School Renovation and Expansion initiative, which is a top-to-bottom refit which will enhance the space with many new features. Learn more here: www.mosesbrown.org/lowerschoolplans

To help build excitement about the project and demonstrate to lower school students about the complex work involved in renovating a space like our Lower School building, Head of Lower School OJ Martí filmed a tour highlighting the progress that has been made thus far. The video was viewed in class in each grade level followed by discussions and construction-related activities. Students couldn’t ask for a better demonstration of the hard work that goes into construction than having a site right in their backyard, so to speak.

After viewing the video, first graders also read a book called Construction Workers, discussed it, and then created drawings and posters thanking the crew on our campus helping to make the renovations a reality. These are now hanging along the fence of the construction area.

One first grader shared that he was very happy to see the progress of the overall layout of the classrooms which is now mostly built out, especially on the upper level. “I’m excited to see the new second grade,” another said.

Technology, Engineering and STEM teacher Erika McEnery asked the group if they were thrilled to see Elmer’s window which will be a place where students will be able to see into the science room and into the resident tortoise’s glass habitat. In response, the class shouted “YEAH!”

Some of our younger students, nursery-first grade, also took walking tours along the perimeter of the construction zone and were able to wave at workers and see the progress from outside for themselves.

Thanks to Erika and also Abbie Isom, MB’s Director of STEM Education, for coordinating these fun learning experiences for our students, and to Pariseault Construction!

The Lower School renovation and expansion is due for completion in late winter 2022.