Matilda: Behind-The-Scenes of Moses Brown’s First All-School Musical

Matilda is an award-winning musical based on Roal Dahl’s classic children’s novel. Moses Brown all-school show featured the work of over 70 MB students from all three divisions spanning 3rd to 12th grade and was staged in late November  in the Woodman Center. This video features discussions with a variety of production members. 

“This is Moses Brown drama at the height of its powers,” says lower school music teacher Chad Putka. “Everyone involved is going to their maximum level.”

Eighth grade student Sofia F. has found the experience to be truly inspiring with “everyone working so hard to achieve one goal. If you come to see it you won’t be disappointed. I know that for sure.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew for beautifully presenting this powerful story about imagination, childhood and standing up for what’s right.