MB Athletics celebrates spring athletes and season

Congratulations to all student-athletes for an amazing spring season. Play extended past the end of the school year, which is not typically the case, and therefore the awards ceremony was presented via Zoom. See the full presentation below followed by a slideshow of season highlights.

“It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we were in the midst of uncertainty. However, in life you don’t have control over all of the variables, but there are many that you do have control over: your attitude, your commitment, your work ethic, ability to adapt and overcome adversity and you all exhibited all of those traits throughout this year and I commend you all on that,” shared MB Athletics Director AJ Kizekai.

“Several of our programs participated in post-season play, we had record-breaking performances, 2 state champions, and 2 state championship runner ups. We also had a number of All-State, All-American, Division and Class award recipients. Congratulations to all!”